About Me

My name is Lawrence Zupan and I want to be the next United States Senator from Vermont.

Now let’s just suppose you encountered a fully accredited doctor, addressing you in the midst of an outbreak of plague, and this doctor held up a little bottle of medicine and told you that it was your cure for the affliction. And suppose you listened to the doctor, but the medicine turned out to be not only ineffectual—it made you sicker!

Now, imagine that you have a United States Senator, already empowered to propose legislation and a political approach, which, through respect for his office, a desire for a solution, and the power of persuasion directs you down an economic path as a solution for your economic woes. Now imagine that not only does it not work, but it also opens the door for an economic and political catastrophe.

The first example with the doctor was fanciful. The second example is what the State of Vermont already endures with Senator Sanders. Here is a man who, without the slightest hint that he has studied recent and current world history, offers us socialism. Socialism --- the system where the government, having put in place a near complete confiscation or control of the means of production and profit, then purports to deliver basic services to its population according to its own infinite wisdom. And then has the temerity to use phrases like FREE MEDICARE FOR ALL; FREE COLLEGE FOR ALL; FREE (you can fill in the blanks).

How has this worked elsewhere? Well, let’s take a look at socialist basket case Venezuela, whose recent leader Hugo Chavez was a personal favorite of Senator Sanders. Presiding over the largest proven oil reserves in the world, and with a previously burgeoning middle class, this country has seen its currency devalued 93 percent in two years and its inflation rate at 720 percent. Socialism has degraded Venezuela to the point that not only are food and toilet paper scarce, but it has its citizens killing zoo animals in order to eat and most citizens dumpster diving for food.

Another prominent socialist failure, the island prison known as Cuba, has decided to expand its private sector in a bow to the obvious failure of its socialism. In fact, when I first did business with Communist China in 1980, they had only begun to realize that the key to avoiding the collapses, which would soon engulf the Soviet Union, was free enterprise. China’s return to free enterprise, seasoned with a huge helping of intellectual property theft, though retaining its politically tyrannical regime, is how they can now rival the United States economically in 2018.

So why would we not learn from the failures of these other countries and why would we swallow the sugar coated poison of government first and people second as is the definition of socialism?

Because it is so easy to want to accept the lie that there is such a thing as a free lunch. Senator Sanders, for example, anticipating that his “free” health insurance will be questioned, explains that by merely raising five different taxes he will be able to pay for half of the $32 trillion dollar health bill over the next ten years as if adding the other $16 trillion to the national debt is no big deal. And ignoring the fact that the ability to collect those five tax increases presumes a static revenue rather than the reality.

The reality is that money and profit flee to where they are treated best.

Allow me to explain by giving you the example of the Canton of Zug, Switzerland. As quoted from the S&A Digest: “Within Switzerland, the canton of Zug is the pinnacle of economic freedom. Zug has the highest concentration of U.S. dollar millionaires in Switzerland – nearly 10% of households, according to Boston Consulting Group.”

The highest personal income tax anyone in Zug pays is 22.9%. Companies pay around 15.4% compared to 25.7% in the U.S. (whose recent tax reduction is beginning to show good fruit.)

How have rock bottom individual and corporate tax rates worked for Zug? The number of companies with operation in Zug increased from 19,000 to 30,000 in a recent period. The number of jobs in Zug increased 20% in six years Unemployment is down to 1.9%. Residential vacancy is .3%. According to the Wall Street Journal, “Luxury shops abound, government coffers are flush and there are so many jobs that employers sometimes have a hard time filling them.”

People and money, and the people who have money to invest, go where they are treated best. And once there, they do what productive people everywhere do. They start or expand businesses, create jobs, hire people and pay taxes which support the needs of the public.

And now, with the coming satellite digital broadband revolution, Vermont has the potential to outpace the success of Zug. We can do this by emulating their low tax, business friendly approach.

What you tax, shrinks….as in the money which Senator Sanders hopes to confiscate for his free for all schemes. What you give room to grow, expands and flourishes.

Fellow citizen, this is the approach which works best. The politics of more taxation and power to the government bureaucrats like Senator Sanders who think they know how, with no supporting evidence in their lives or careers, to manage anything, has reduced Vermont to the 49th state in terms of economic well-being.

We need to put out the welcome mat which says we are open for new enterprise….the approach of low taxes and minimal governmental intervention in the lives and businesses of a free citizenry.

I ask for your vote for Lawrence Zupan for United States Senate on November 6th.


Respectfully submitted,

Lawrence Zupan