Republican Nominee Lawrence Zupan Challenges Incumbent Sen. Sanders to 8 Debates

Contact: Lawrence Zupan for U.S. Senate

MANCHESTER, VT — Lawrence Zupan, Republican nominee for U.S. Senate, challenges incumbent Sen. Sanders to debate.

“I am calling on Senator Sanders to engage with the issues in a series of no fewer than 8 debates across Vermont, in as many counties, to give all Vermonters a chance to determine who would best represent their interests in Washington D.C. These debates will provide voters with the crucial opportunity to hear Sanders speak about his voting records and defend the many problematic policies he endorses,” Zupan said.

Lawrence Zupan’s platform is built on restoring the fundamental principles of America’s greatness, including Constitutionally guaranteed respect for life, liberty and private property.

As Vermont’s U.S. Senator, Lawrence Zupan will promote an environment of lowered taxation, enhanced economic opportunity, lowered barriers for interstate competition in all industries, especially health insurance, and the fullest exploitation of the digital economy’s expansive growth for all Americans.